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My latest egg hatched into a fishy. A fishy in a little bowl and everything! I shall call him Marco. It's so cute!!

I really like collecting these eggs. It's fun.

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But I'm still alive!

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I think I had a missunderstanding yesterday when I went to Dr. Crane's library. He almost fear gassed me.(Not that I think it would do any good, I don't have any reaction to fear.) He's a very strange man and will probably scare away all his patrons. He'd probably like that.

There wasn't a little bell. THERE always is a little bell. It's part of a library being a library. I don't think he understood that. He seemed to think that just because there are books and signs make it a library. And yes that's true. But there needs to be a little bell. It's part of the morphic feild thingy. It makes it more library like. I think he has issues. I think he thinks I have issues.

We're probably both right.

But he didn't ban me out right. So I shall go back.. in a few days.

Let him calm down and everything.

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Talked to Dayvn last night.


After like what, over a month?

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And the Thesis is done. At least the draft. There is still much to do. Much to plan. I shall have to think.
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It's Done!!!

The second draft to my Master's thesis is done! *does happy chicken dance before hacking and coughing up gunk*

I feel so giddy.

Now what...
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Want sugar.

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With Sari asleep on his chest, Alec sat on the long couch, legs on the coffee table, in his parent's parlor. His mother sat across from him, a slight frown on her face at the dirt getting on her table from his boots, but she wasn't going to adomish him yet. She didn't want to disturb her granddaughter who had just finally fallen asleep. She had been cranky all day, throwing food and refusing to eat. Alec had been worried that she was getting sick and came to get his mother's opinion. Sari seemed to be okay, and Sela thought that she probably just had a bad case of gas.

It amused her, to see one of her children frazzled from worry about their own child. Now she just had to see about her others. In truth she never thought it would be Alec who settled down and have a family. Greywolf or Laruna seemed more the type. But Greywolf was caught up in his inventions and well Laruna was seeing someone... but he didn't seem to be the settling down type. Hawk was still too young to even think about that sort thing. Alec had been a bit spoiled, being the baby for a good long time and then becoming the Fey Champion of the Sword. He looked at her a bit sleeply and smiled.

"You okay?" he asked.

She returned the smile, "Yes, just enjoying the sight of my son and granddaughter."

He gave a light chuckle. "That's good, but your son is a bit on the worn out side."

"I can tell. Your father had much the same look when dealing with you. Getting sick as much as you did, he spent a lot of sleepless nights keeping an eye on you."

"I didn't get sick that much!" Alec protested.

"When you were a baby you did," Sela corrected, "The healers were afraid you might not live. And then you had that terrible case of the Element flu."

He shrugged. "I guess. I do remember the flu. It was awful. I was cold and hot all at the same time. And I kept on hearing these voices."

"Some say they're the voices of the gods that those under the fever hear."

"There's only one god's voice I want to hear," Alec said with a smirk, "Preferably screaming my name."

Sela gave a sigh and a shake of her head in motherly dispair. "You aren't supposed to say those things to your mother."

"It's true," he insisted.

"It doesn't mean I want to hear it." She tucked a graying strand of hair behind her ear. "What did you think of your grandfather's offer?"

Alec stared at the large marble fireplace. It was one of many fireplaces in the house. It was warm so there wasn't a fire in it, but being a fire wizard's house it still predominated the room. "I don't know."

"It's a good oppertunity and it would give you more time with your family."

"I know. But I like the PPC," he said, stroking Sari gently, "I feel like I fit in there better than I do here."

"And your grandfather needs a second for the council. Laruna's off somewhere with her lover every other week, Greywolf barely remembers to eat half the time much less work in politics and Hawk's too young."

"What about my cousins?"

"Off with the caravan, you know that."

Sighing, Alec ran a hand through his hair. "I dunno."

"He wouldn't have asked you if he didn't think you could do it."

Alec smiled at this, "Grandfather has a lot more faith in me than I do."

"Just think about it."

"Alright, but no promises."

"Like that Pelmarra of yours?" Sela asked. "I asked if you were going to bring him around again for dinner and you said you'd ask, but no promises."

"Kai's a very busy god. He can't just run off to have dinner at his in-laws just because his mother in law wants him to," Alec said stiffly.

Sela laughed, "My son, the god's consort. I should be upset about this, you know. If you were going to be come the consort to a god, the least you could have done was become the consort to one of ours."

"At least he's a fire god. I'm up holding good Troven tradition by being enamored with fire," he said biting off a yawn. Sela got up from her seat and walked over to Alec, tenderly picking up Sari.

"Go, get some sleep. You're exhausted," she said, "I'll watch my granddaughter."

Alec stood up with a grateful look. Kissing his mother on the temple, he smiled, "You're the best mum."

"Go, sleep. Flatter me later," she said swatting at his behind. He danced out of the way before blowing her a kiss and exiting the room. Sela smiled and brushed some of the thin hair out of Sari's face. "You have a wonderful father, fireling," she whispered, holding the baby tight.
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Found a Harry Potter/ Dragonriders of Pern story. I'm feeling mean. May have Alec PPC it. Evil good.
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The Sun Card
You are the Sun card. The light of the Sun reveals
all. The Sun is joyful and bright, without fear
or reservation. The childish nature of the Sun
allows you to play and feel free. Exploration
can truly take place in the light of day when
nothing is hidden. The Sun's rays fill you with
energy so that you may live life to its
fullest, milking pleasure out of each day. Such
joy and energy can bring wealth and physical
pleasure. To shine in the light of day is to
have confidence, to soak up its rays is to feel
the freedom of a child. Image from: Stevee
Postman. http://www.stevee.com/

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