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A Lord of the Rings crossover.

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Chapter Twenty Six.

Everyone has agreed to the test to see if watching Anita feed the Aduer will make others addicted to the aduer. I'm not really sure how that's a good idea. It's like giving some coke and seeing if they'll get addicted to it because some are addicted to it. I'm sure there's no better way to do it. The morals of this book continue to astound me. Or what morals there are. Which seem to be inverse to the amount of sex there is. Perhaps that's something we should look into at a later point in regarding the overall series.

Translated this means: I want to have sex with you, even if it means I have to have sex with Jean-Claude too. Just fuck me already, damnit.

A vampire appears in the room. His name is London and he's nick-named the Dark Knight. Okay. I lie. He doesn't appear, he's supposed to have been there the entire time, but he's never mentioned having come in. His presence is never explained. He's just there. Why is he there?

To tell us that, "Requiem doesn't embrace men."

Hamilton really has a problem describing two men having sex. They don't fuck. They don't have sex. They "embrace".

I don't really embrace that idea of having metaphysical sex is only okay between two women because it may damn me.

They talk about what to do with him, and decide what has happened to him is rather like what a Vampire does to a human, bespelled him. So, they think that maybe they should try and break it like you do an enchantment on a human. They ask Wicked and Truth their opinion on the matter.

Insert obligitory description of brothers here:

The two brothers came forward into the stronger light near the bed. At first glance they didn't look that alike. They were bot tall and broad-shouldered, but beyond that they were opposites. Wicked's hair was sleek and very blond, cut long so it framed a face that was all high, sculpted cheekbones, complete with a dimple in his chin deep enough that I could never decide if it looked adorable or painful. His eyes were a clear steady blue, and if I hadn't Jean-Claude's and Requiem's eyes to compare him to, I'd have said his eyes were striking. He wore a modern tailored suit of tans and creams that made him look halfway between the college professor of your dreams and an executive gigolo. Then there was Truth.

Truth had obviously slept in his clothes. The clothes were made up of bits of leather, but not fashionable club wear, no, more like boiled leather worn smooth and soft with use and wear. His pants were tucked into boots so battered that Jean-Claude had offered to replace them, but Truth wouldn't give them up. He could have been dressed for any century from, thirteenth to fifteenth. His straight brown hair was shoulder length, but stringy, as if it needed a good brushing. He didn't exactly have a beard, just stubble, as if he hadn't shaved for a while. But under all that disarray was the same bone structure, the same cleft chin, and the same blue eyes. Wicked's eyes always seemed to hold a cynical joy, but Truth's looked tired and wary, as if he was just waiting for us to disappoint him.

I'm seeing Legolas and Aragorn here. The pair of them first appear in Incubus Dreams which was published in 2004. Return of the King was in theaters in 2003. Fellowship of the Ring came out in 2001. I believe that there's plenty of time there for Hamilton to make some Aragorn/Legolas rip-offs.

And that's just... beyond special, now that I think about it. Also, I don't know if the brothers are twins are not, but I don't see why they have to be such physical opposites. Now, I admit to having Trever and Kale dress alike when they're identical twins, but they're doing it for a reason. When they're just hanging out they dress differently, but not to such extremes. I think they're supposed to be twins, because she keeps on insisting that they're identical looking, despite appearances.

While I'm on it, what is with the vampires not having any fashion sense? Just... it's dumb.

After playing some word games (they ask Anita what she wants to do with Requiem and she says having him be free of her which they take to mean send him away) they ask her why having him so bespelled is so bad.

"My stomach clenched tight. The thought of anyone being bound to anyone else like that was wrong; that I'd done it by accident made me vaguely nauseous." But she doesn't at all seem to mind that Auggie might have the same issues. He's not even brought up.

She asks Requiem to break free, in like one of those scenes in movies were the possessed person is being asked to remember who they are and break free from their chains of binding or something.

Still more wandering around when they get back to the idea of using Anita's powers to break the spell. After some more chatter they decided that Requiem needs to feed on blood as well as the sex pollen. This will create the necessary tie for Anita to use her powers to break him... I think.

And the chapter ends with London, Legolas and Aragorn being skeptical of Anita doing what she says she's going to do as she promises to do it.
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