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“Ah, you speak. Excellent,” he said, “However, your response leaves…

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“Ah, you speak. Excellent,” he said, “However, your response leaves much to be desired.” The stranger glowered at him, but didn’t respond. “I could just leave you here alone, in the snow, tied up, and go and search for a way back myself, but I think your help would be much more appreciated.” The stranger studied him, as if trying to determine how truthful Legolas was being. Legolas let him get a good look before standing up and walking towards his horse.
He heard a struggling noise and then, “Only the Queen can find another way on purpose.” The stranger called out.
Legolas turned and looked back at him. “Is that truth?”
“Yes, it is!” he said earnestly.
“Well then, it looks like you are going to take me to your Queen.”

Not trusting the stranger, Legolas kept him bound and put him on his own horse. The stranger’s horse he led himself, as it wasn’t sound to ride. He walked next to his horse, occasionally patting it and talking to it in Sidarin. The way that the stranger pointed out seemed to be no different than any other place. All was a plain snowy white broken with the black of wet rocks and dead trees.
Walking lightly on the snow after a time, Legolas asked his captive. “Do you have a name?”
“Falinor.” The other said after looking at him startled. “You?”
* * *